How to Rent a Motorbike in Thailand

Koh Samet is a small island on the eastern seaboard of Thailand.  Just 4.2 miles from north to south, it’s famed for it’s white sand beaches and calm clear waters.  For the locals, it’s long been a favourite getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Shaped like a stingray there are two main arteries: the northern route, which connects Hat Sai Kaeo to Ao Klang and Ao Noina, and the central route, which consists of four smaller roads connecting the lower beaches.

Roads are limited so aside from a few songthaews (pickups converted into multi person taxis) the main land transport are bikes – manual, moped, motorcycle, dirt bike, you name it.

For visitors, renting a bike, also known as “hiring” a bike is pretty easy to do and is also an excellent way to explore the island.  It’s incredibly affordable, costing as low as 300 baht ($9) a day.  Most guesthouses and hotels have bike rentals however if you should rent from the main street, leaving your passport or a deposit is NOT necessary or advisable.

As for gasoline?  It’s available all over the island – typically sold in old liquor bottles or pumped from makeshift pumps.  100 baht ($3) of gasoline should easily fill a tank.

Keep in mind there’s lax regulations in Thailand but in order to operate a motorized bike you’ll need a driver’s license at the minimum, and depending on your circumstance, possibly an international or Thai driver’s license.  Renting one will only require a passport.  Do the necessary research and drive at your own risk.

Below we’ve provided a brief guide and checklist to renting a bike, along with some photos of awesome bikes we came across.  To read more, click HERE!


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