7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner


I’m blessed to have in my life a partner who’s not only compassionate, mindful, intelligent and beautiful, but also possesses gratitude and a fascination for the world we inhabit.

There’s never a dull moment when we’re together, and I’m continuously surprised, amazed and inspired.  I can always count on Elisabeth to have my back and I’m a much better person because of her.  She’s most definitely my better half.

Having been together for over 6 years I’ve come to love and adore her, truly embracing the complexities that make up this wonderful person.

Beyond the mushy stuff, it boils down to our alignment and shared values in life – not limited to but particularly in having compassion and generosity towards all creatures, practicing gratitude and mindfulness for all that we’re blessed with, being responsible and intentional about our contributions towards the world, and placing knowledge, experience and relationships above material wealth and objects.

However through traveling together we’ve grown ten fold – teaching, learning and sharing pieces that we’ve acquired through the years – as well as all the pieces of us that aren’t intentionally hidden but haven’t had the opportunity and environment to surface.

It’s also through the ups and downs and trials and tribulations that come with traveling that our relationship has become more transparent and honest, strengthening and growing us to who and what we are now.

Though of course this could’ve happened in the comfort of our home or city – it’s when we travel that the most unforgettable, intimate, exciting, humorous and deep experiences have occurred.

These are some of the most important reasons as to why I believe you too should travel with your partner.

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