6 Reasons Why You Need More Art in Your Life!


We are infinitely surrounded by art whether we are aware of it or not.  Art is not only in galleries and museums, as it should not be restricted to.  Art is everywhere; at home, work and play, in our streets, in our technology and architecture, on our bodies – even in nature.  You don’t have to go too far to find art as wherever you traverse, it’s certainly there.

We are drawn to it for its allure, provocativeness, intelligence, healing properties and functions beyond our comprehension.  We benefit from the arts as it inspires and influences our society, molding our technology, the spaces we live in, our morals and culture — and so much more.

There’s no one way to thoroughly define art aside from that it is the expression of something divine.  As much as we try to define it, it in turn defines us, as art is a reflection of the time and space we live in.  

As we explore the bustling streets of Bangkok there is definitely no shortage of fascinating and lively compositions expressed on cars, buildings, textiles and everything in between.

Walking miles on end through and past markets, businesses, temples, government buildings, schools and parks, the legs grow weary and the body fatigued, but the mind and the soul can’t stop being in awe and absorbed by the sublime titillation.  

All of which when combined is euphoric to the senses, producing the perfect opportunity to release all that’s been constrained – in other words to do some stretches.  In doing so we get a chance to stop and admire the beauty of it all, while at the same time take a breather.  Deeply and slowly.  Inhaling and exhaling. 

It’s now that the realization is that – just as the oxygen we breathe restores the energy in the body, the art itself also breathes life into this moment in time.

For 6 reasons why you could use more ART in your life, click HERE.


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