Ships A’Hoy.

Because there are no water treatment plants on the small island of Koh Samet, water has to be shipped in.

Not an easy task without the help of these neat looking vintage fishing boats that double as transport boats for water, supplies and even visitors.

From early morning to late afternoon you’re bound to spot a handful of these brightly colored boats a few yards from the beach. With their blue industrial strength hoses connected to establishments along the beach, the water they carry is flushed into tanks until they’re ready to be used for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing.

The water resources of Koh Samet are precious to the economy and ecology of the island. We believe the community would benefit from some sort of water purification method or plant – not only to provide locals and visitors with a source of fresh water but because what comes in, needs to go out.

This beautiful island’s waste disposal and water run off needs a sustainable solution to prevent from becoming too polluted. Koh Samet’s beautiful clear blue waters are too precious not to last for generations to appreciate.


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