Video: What I packed for my year long backpacking trip through Asia.

Updates and corrections below!


Here’s some updates and corrections to what I packed.

1) I forgot to mention I brought along a tripod for the Rebel.
2) I also brought along my Dab Neeg Hmoob book, a fairly big 500+ page book of Hmong Folktales in the case we meet youth to read with.
3) My good friend Chris gave me a dope Hmong Xauv tank designed byPachiaaa. (click on Pachiaaa to order one for yourself!)
4) I donated my casual shoes. I don’t need the extra weight, and prefer everything to be functional.
5) My authentic Asian flip flops broke on me so I had to toss them. 😦
6) I picked up some mosquito repellant and tiger balm. (the mosquitos in Ko Samet were absurdly hungry on the first night!)

I’m guessing the backpack weighs about 70-80lbs.

If you haven’t seen the more detailed video, watch it below.

What do you think?

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