congratulations sahee!

Congratulations to my oldest nephew, Sahee Thao for graduating honors and a member of the Spanish Society.  I know you’ll continue doing awesome things on your journey!

Granted I’m super proud of his accomplishments, here are some (negative) thoughts I had while at the ceremony:

– 10 Hmong graduates out of nearly 400 students?

– Where’s the POC?!?

– Can you believe just 20 years or so ago, the school mascot and team name was ‘the Indians’???  It’s fortunately now ‘the Wildcats’.

– This feels like church.

– The pledge of allegiance is such propaganda and brainwashing tactics.  I can’t believe I went through 8+ years of school reciting this!  (I didn’t do it this time.)

– This does feel like church.  The choir is even singing in a church like(?) style, and the song called is called ‘The lord bless you and keep you’.  Where’s the separation of school and church?

– There’s a kid in this graduating class who looks like he’s 30!  Beard and all!

– Now the orhcestra is playing an upbeat afro caribbean-ish song.  Is it surprising that one of the only POC (black guy) is dancing and bobbing perfectly with the beat?

– Sahee’s a member of the Diego Riviera Spanish Honor Society but unfortunately doesn’t know how to speak much Hmong.

– The school song ‘Hail Alma Mater’ is really Nazi like.

– The principal speaks as if she has no personality; even after mistakenly saying ‘good evening’ and then correcting herself with ‘ good morning’ and getting a chuckle from the audience; she didn’t own it and use that humility/humor.

– No POC on the platform group (School Board).  Not very surprising for this town.

– Only 1 POC teacher?

– A majority of the guys are wearing sneakers, while the girls are wearing heels.  Speaks volumes to the maturity level of men versus women, as well as uneven beauty standards and expectations.

– This principal is really boring.

– Finally, the graduates are walking!

– After the grads grab their piece of paper they walk the whole arena like show dogs, before sitting back down.

– Oh, they’re not sitting back down!  They’re just standing … like showdogs!

– Nope.  They’re sitting back down.

– This girl is totally going to cheat and hop the barrier to get back in her seat!  Props to her!

– Nope, she didn’t do it.

– This guy next to me just used his blow horn!  Who does that at a graduation ceremony?

– This just went from church to sporting event!

– Autumn’s complaining it’s boring; she’s crying now.  I can’t say  don’t disagree with her.

– There’s Sahee!  Time to take a photo!

– I know, I was a pooper, but my lens has evolved and changed to spot the inequalities.  Blessing or curse, I still had a great time!  🙂


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