1985 movie premiere. 

Congrats to Kang Vang and his team at Team Chow Fa for setting a new standard in the Hmong film industry, and for raising the bar. 

1985 is a phenomenal coming of age film that humorously depicts the Hmong American experience of the 80’s. The script, cinematography and editing was superb! It had me laughing and crying throughout the film, bringing me back to the days of innocense and exploration. 

The music was top notch, and unbelievably fitting for each scene and transition, helping make this film a riot from beginning to end. New tracks by artist such as Watching Leona and Liz Xiong were such a nostalgic touch that fused past and present sounds, aiding in the emotional roller coaster of a script. 

The cast? Excellent! Despite the lack of professional experience, the actors blew me away, owning their roles and lines so naturally and brilliantly. 
1985 is a game changing film that has set a new precedence for movies coming out of the Hmong community. There was never a dull moment, and that’s not an easy task to complete. 

If you’re a fan of quirky, artsy, cute and funny films that tug at your heart strings, and provides you that good old nostalgic feeling, you won’t be disappointed in Kang Vang’s latest film, 1985. 


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